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Initial Naturopathic Consult

This visit is 75-90 minutes in duration. We will go over a full health history and discuss your health plan going forward.

Injection Visit

Booking as a new or current patient interested in injection therapies. This involves a brief consult as it relates to injections, and is 15 minutes in length. Injection options: B12, Adrenal Injection, Fat Burner

Food Sensitivity Testing

This booking option is available to new patients just looking to have food sensitivity testing done. This appointment is generally 15-30 minutes in length. The cost listed is for the consult and does not include the price of testing, as this varies depending on the test. 

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Free 15min Consult

Get a chance to meet me and determine if Naturopathic Medicine is for you. This 15 min free visit is intended to ask me general questions about naturopathic medicine and how I treat. 

Naturopathic Follow Up

Naturopathic follow-ups are either 30, 45 or 60 minutes in length. This appointment is used for current patients to discuss ongoing treatment plans. It can also include acupuncture and other body work services within the treatment time. If unsure please book 45minutes as this is my most commonly used follow-up.

IV Nutrient Therapy

This treatment varies in time depending on the IV therapy. It is intended for current patients undergoing IV treatments, and the price is dependent on the type of IV provided. Currently not bookable online, please book initial consult or follow up. 

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