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Adrenal and thyroid concerns are areas of health that are often overlooked. Common thyroid testing through conventional sources is often incomplete leaving gaps in the ability to properly assess thyroid function. Adrenal function is often not addressed, but is an integral part of overall endocrine function and the health of an individual. In fact our adrenal glands are one of the major organs responsible for handling our stressful lives, yet we pay almost no attention to their health and function. Dr Allison has a keen interest in these areas of health and healing, and is committed to exploring all aspects related to adrenal and thyroid function including the physical, mental and emotional connections in order to improve overall health and encourage health optimization.

Adrenal Fatigue & Function

The adrenal glands are part of an endocrine network withing the body called the HPA axis. This includes the hypothalamus, the pituitary gland and the adrenal glands. When the body experiences STRESS, these 3 organs are an integral part of how we manage that. Ultimately the adrenals produce and release cortisol- our stress hormone. This is a natural process, but when we aren’t supporting our bodies to help manage stress, this is where we can enter states of fatigue, exhaustion and burnout.

Adrenal fatigue is a term used to describe this type of burnout and can include the following symptoms:

  •  Brain fog

  • Insomnia, troubles sleeping, poor
    quality sleep

  • Salt and sugar cravings

  • Weight gain/ weight loss

  • Overall fatigue, low energy


  • Blood sugar regulation issues

  • Loss or increased appetite

  • Muscle weakness

  • Reduced immune function

  • Thyroid concerns

  • & MORE!

When adrenal fatigue is left unchecked, that is when it can progress to stated of adrenal exhaustion which can set the body up for various different immune function disorders such as autoimmune conditions.

In many cases Dr Allison aims to support the adrenals and adrenal function for patients with a wide array of concerns based on the important role our adrenal glands play within the body. Adrenal function testing is also an option for patients to assess the degree at which the adrenal glands and other endocrine functions may be affected.

Adrenal Function Testing


Adrenal function cane be asses through various different means. Often times 4-point saliva or urine tests are used to assess and map the  curve of cortisol production and release in the body. This can help identify if adrenal function is impaired, and the degree to which it is effected.

Does is sound like you have adrenal function issues or adrenal fatigue?

Are you interested in having your adrenal function assess?

Book an initial appointment today to discuss options.

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The thyroid plays a very important role in overall endocrine function within the body. It’s main function is to produce hormones that help regulate our metabolism, and thus is very important when considering any weight loss or weight management goals.

Often times patients come in having never had a proper assessment of thyroid function done. It is not uncommon for Dr Allison to discover missed thyroid dysfunction after performing comprehensive thyroid testing with patients. This is another keen area of interest for Dr Galan because of the important role the thyroid plays in our overall endocrine function.

Energetic Connection

Interestingly enough, this butterfly shaped gland is situated right at the level of our THROAT CHAKRA. The throat chakra deals with communication and speaking our truth. When the throat chakra is block, this can lead to feelings of being oppressed or silenced, feelings of being unheard and issues with speaking out/or speaking out “too” much.

Many physical symptoms within the body are rooted in mental, emotional and energetic disharmonies. This is another area of health and healing that Dr Allison ND explores with patients and take into consideration when formulating treatments and health plans.

Overactive or Underactive thyroid function

Many thyroid conditions can be difficult to fully assess based on symptoms alone. Based on the fluctuating nature of thyroid symptoms, it is important to properly assess through labs work and other testing sources. Whether your thyroid is under-active or over-active, supporting balance and modulation with thyroid function is a key area of treatment.

Although symptoms can vary, these are commonly associated with either an overactive or underactive thyroid:

Hypothyroid or Under-active:

-          Fatigue

-          Sensitivity or aversion to cold

-          Constipation

-          Weight Gain

-          Dry skin

-          Hair changes, dry coarse hair

-          Puffiness/ puffy face

-          Hoarse voice

-          Muscle Weakness

-          Menstrual cycle changes, heavy menstrual periods

-          Thinning hair, thinning eyebrows

-          Depression

-          Brain fog, memory issues

-          Slowed heart rate

Hyperthyroidism or Over-active:


-          Anxiety, jittery

-          Mood swings

-          Sensitivity or aversion to heat

-          Disturbed sleep

-          Swelling in the neck region/ enlarged thyroid

-          Twitching

-          Irregular heart beat, racing heart, palpitations

-          Weight changes, weight loss

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