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Winter Is Here... I've Been Keeping A Secret!

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

A wild heart and a curious mind are all that is required to transform your health and life.  

You are born with a wild heart, so no worries there, it is always within you when you are ready to make a shift back into your intuitive wise self.  

And curiosity is just an openness to learn and grow. 

We have a sisterhood, your tribe, ready for when you are. 

Reclaiming your wild is within your reach, and the shift starts to happen before you are ready, before you have to tools to journey through the process. 

I am willing to bet that if you are reading this post then the shift is already occurring. 

Come hang out with us, allow our curriculum root the change in empowered information about your body and let the experience facilitate the shift back into honouring the divine intelligence of feminine energy.  

Please join us to learn what we are all about. 

Thursday January 16th 7-9pm @EvolvedMovementArts.

Space is limited so LINK to SIGN-UP for the Info Session Jan 16th.

Winter Session Starts January 30th 2020

- Dr Allison Galan ND

Wild Soul

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